Don’t Quick To Judge

One of the definitions out there of stereotype is “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” (I simply Google searched the word)

Some of the stereotype that I’ve heard before are: asian people are smart, very thick novels are boring, old people are not cool, young people are not wise. There are more out there and those are taken from impression received of the people or things, and though it’s might be true in some cases but it’s never absolutely correct. For instance, I live in asia and I’m not too smart that people will be amazed by me being a genious (though I’m not a fool either, but just developing myself as days goes by (“,) ). The thickest novel I have read is so far from boring as the sky from the earth (No kidding). I’ve met and also heard stories of cool old people and I’m sure you have too. I also talked with people younger than me that have wisdom that wows me. The list are endless. But I’m not trying to make a post of a long list of stereotype ever existed. I’m here to say from experience that stereotypes often mislead.

I really agree with the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Though we tend to do it by nature, but  I think it’s better to allow ourself to look beyond the cover.

Not all people who appears to be rude are really mean-hearted.

Not all people who appears to be nice are really good-hearted.

Older people thought me this back when I’m still about in middle-school age, but it came back now in full color, HD quality and surround sound when I hit rock bottom and the people who really supporting me and encouraging me are those who at the beginning of meeting them are in the not-comfortable-to-socialize-with category in my mind. That experience makes me full of thanks to God that I did not shut them out of my life completely from the beginning, but gradually learning to adapt with their way to express themselves, getting used with them and learn to catch when they are just joking and when they are really angry and emotional.

There is no such thing as perfect person. Everyone have their own flaws. We can either shut those imperfect people out from our life, or we let them in, learn from the good qualities they have, and be the witness of their goodness and probably also have the previlege to see their transformation into better person that might inspire us to do the same to fix our own flaws.

I have imperfect friends (yes, I sincerely calling them friends now instead of just accquaintance). Serves me right because I’m also imperfect. They probably putting more effort to put up with me than the effort I gave to put up with them anyway XD . Those friends have plenty of good qualities that I realized I don’t have, and I learn from them.

They taught me to be strong in my weakest points, points that are their natural strength. They thaught me to be bold, to speak up for myself, to learn to say no when I should, to stand for my rights, to not play nice and sweet to be people-pleaser while I’m eating my own heart inside, to say in assuring tone: “Go for it! We’re here to support you.” and opens the door I dare not open with my own courage. They are literally gift that is not in disguise anymore.


Through this I learn that this wise words is true: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

So if now you just met difficult people in your life, hold on. They are there to sharpens you, and they are blessings for you that came in disguise until the right moment comes. Don’t judge them for who they appeared to be, but try to invest your life to get to know them better.

After all, we don’t just coincidentally met true friends. We earn them through thick and thin and through times spent together.


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