Stand Your Ground

The day have been a rare one for our family. My dad cassualy mentioned one of his friend have posted in facebook about their family watching recent movie of Captain America together. And to my utmost surprise my mom that usually telling us not to go watch movies too often suggested the afternoon to be our movie day and assigned me to look at the playing hours available.

So in less than 3 hours we took off for the cinema with me still in dazed but happy.

The movie turned out very satisfying, albeit the… Oh well the movie is still playing so I have to refrain from giving out spoilers. Let’s just settle with I ends up expecting for the next frenchize excitedly.
One catch phrase that’s caught in my head is: “When the whole world stand against you, will you stand your ground?” 

That’s a very relevant thought to ponder in daily life. When we know what we do is right, for example you’re a man of integrity and all people tried to make you go with the flow, will you stay on your belief on what is right, or will you try to soothe the uncomfortable situation by bending over the popular will?

I am thankful that the people from moie industry can provide good insight to movie-goers. If you are part of one, thank you. If you’re not, go to cinema, pick a good movie and expect to be inspired.


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