Visiting Tomohon City

Lately it’s been so hard to make time to post because of tight knitted activities that consumed my energy. But I refuse to stop blogging, so here I am.
Today I have no planned topic (sorry), but I’ll share with you some fun parts of my recent visit to Tomohon City (I go there for office event).
Above is the photo I took on one of the monuments in the city. It depicts Manguni, a type of owl, which is popular in the area and used in various symbols in government, even in church denomination.

This is a monastery right behind the venue we use. Its gate is opened and we are able to take some pictures in the yard.

Above are flowers grown in the premise. It is to be picked whenever needed.

They also planted their own vegetables and fruits. (In the pictures are eggplants and chili. I’ve took photo of some fruit trees but because I can’t get near so the picture is not too clear)

I hope some day you will be able to visit Tomohon and enjoy its beauty.


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